Klaipėda, Senamiestis, Jono g., 4 kambarių butas

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Plotas (m²):
87 m²

Kaina, €:
139 000 € (1 598 €/m²)

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Idėjos, kaip įsirengti interjerą

Papildomos patalpos:
Sandėliukas, rūsys, vieta automobiliui, yra palėpė

Klaipėdos istorinėje dalyje - senamiestyje, Jono gatvėje, parduodamas 4 kambarių butas. Namas, kuriame randasi parduodamas butas, pastatytas 1920 metais. Tai bene vienintelis pastatas Klaipėdos senamiesčio vidury, nepaliestas sovietmečio restauracijos. Dėl to name išliko nepakeistos vokiško išplanavimo erdvės, autentiškos sienos, grindys, durys, laiptinė ir stogas. Namas turi 52,67 m2 palėpę, kuri gali būti pritaikyta gyvenamai erdvei suformuoti. Butui priklauso sandėliukas rūsyje.
Patalpos tinka tiek gyvenimui, tiek komercinei veiklai.
Butą parduoda savininkas.

For sale: 4-room apartment in historical part of Klaipeda’s Old Town, Jonas Street.
The street takes its name after St. John's Church – although the first church to be named such was built in 1258, its exact location is not immediately clear as it had not survived until the latter centuries. The actual Jonas Street had formed during the 15th century and on one end of it, in second half of 16th century, the half-timbered Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John's was built.
The house where apartment is situated was built 100 years ago. This is probably the only building in the middle of Klaipeda’s Old Town, that has remained intact from reconstruction works of the Soviet times. As a result, the house still maintains it’s authentic German floorplan, walls, floor, doors and roof. A view from apartment’s windows reveals the beauty of a 180-year-old building nearby.
Living here - it’s as if the distance disappears - in just 2 minutes of walking distance you will reach the symbol of city – tall ship Meridian, in 5 minutes – Drama Theatre, in 10 minutes - a ferry to Smiltyne or, similarly, The Old Market with its plentiful fresh produce.
All of the city's events are also around you: Jonas Hill, Theater or Meridian squares.
In a few years, after construction of Bastion Bridge is completed, it is planned to close the traffic on Tiltu street. The reconstruction works of St. Johns Church should also begin shortly in Turgaus street. This church, originally designed by German architect F. A. Stuller and built in 1864, sustained significant damage during WWII and demolished by Soviets, will be rebuilt from the ground up but will maintain it’s completely authentic look, including 75-meter height spire. Thus, the heart of city will once again start beating.
During this year, the reconstruction work of Musical Theater will commence, a year later same fate awaits The Rebirth Square and part of Dane river’s quay from The Exchange Bridge to the future Bastion Bridge and Square. Plans are in place for new pedestrian and bike trails, fountains, winter skiing rink, children’s play and relaxation areas, cafes on the islands of water, boat harbor and so on.
Be a part of exciting present and future of Klaipeda’s Old Town – this apartment, with its charming past, convenient present and valuable future is waiting for You in the center of it.
From the past to the future that is being created today…

Santrauka: 139 000 € / 4 kamb. / 87 m² / 1 aukšt.
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+370 619 72536

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1595/1 (iš viso/šiandien)